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The author of this blog is writing under the pen name : Olivia Goodness. And that means, this lovely name isn’t her real name. Olivia Goodness, is portrayed as a 30 something woman who enjoys writing, tweeting. And she does typo like all the time, and need a help from a grammar police. Eventho her English still needs help, she insists in writing in Indonesian and English and lotsa campur-campur language πŸ˜›

And oh, by the way…. The author writes anonymously not because she has a bad intention of bullying or do anything harmful on the internet or something. It’s just a choice she’s forced to make because of the pencitraan-di-dunia-nyata thingy. Last but not least: what else do you want to know? No more information will be given here. You’ll just have to find out by yourself πŸ˜‰


17 thoughts on “GuestBook / BukuTamu

  1. Eh maaf ya, seharusnya komentar saya gak dipostingan yan tadi non, terimakasih sudah mengingatkan. skali lagi maaf.

  2. Woi bales BBM gue woi! Itu password buat postingan terakhirnya apa sihhhhh? Kasih tau dongggg! Kan aku penasaran, hihihi…

    olivia g : nama lu udah gw ganti ya…..

  3. @ nindy hellocoffeebreak : udah gw kasih password-nya, kenapa lo belom komeng? i need to know your reaction! was i being too rude (like always??)

  4. yes of course you were being way too straight to the point!! but I guess that’s the flaw we all love from you πŸ˜‰ yah well at least some of us.

    she said : thats just so sweet of you, love!

  5. tell me why sister, why is your nick name: oliviagoodness??

    she said : bcoz in the real life I often say: “My Goodness!” πŸ˜€

  6. ohya, trus tanya lagi: kenapa gravatarnya gambar lips?? kayak logo sebuah infotainment? ataukah karena mbak suka lipstik hijau…? hehe :mrgreen:

    she said : mungkin karena namaku ‘olivia’ jadi otomatis suka warna hijau. buah dari pohon olive kan warnanya hijau πŸ™‚

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