Have you ever felt that someone is trying to steal and actually live your life?? Well thats what I feel right now. I feel like this new kid on the block (baca: anak baru di kantor) is trying to steal what I have in the office. My look, my friends, my gebetan, my position. Call me a freak, but when you have done observing her, you’ll know who the real FREAK is.

This is just crazy, this bitch is crazy and she has left me speechless. And of course, like we all see in the movie, the rest of the world dont realize how freak this person is. Only me. I’m the only one who seems to realize that this bitch is freak.

Okay, probably this is my hormone speaking. Or probably not coz I have felt the same thing for about a month now.


One thought on “Freak

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